Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Helping me Treasure Life's Moments

A lot of gifts are just stuff. Stuff that fades away. Things that are temporal. But, this Christmas my sweet hubby got me something that will help me treasure. He bought us a new D-SLR camera. The quality of the pictures is amazing! But what I love the most is what it will help us capture. The moments in life that are joyous, adventurous, and life changing - we will be able to treasure. Time kind of stops for a minute when you look at a photograph. It provides time to remember, to TrEaSuRe.

Here's to you Mr. Nikon - thanks for all the memories we will be able to treasure over the years. Take a look at some of the memories I will cherish from this Advent Season...
(Madeline, 3yo.)
(Blythe 5yo. and "Silly Uncle Casey" as he's affectionately called.)
Livin' large
(Matthew, Jr. 3 months)

Kirra's first trip to the beach - loved it - as all golden's do.
on the water, no other place this guy would rather be.
New Years fireworks - Folly Beach, SC
Remembering with old friends,
not to mention the Cougars beat the Vols while we were there!

Excited to share lots more memories as the moments unfold throughout the years. hope your advent season was as full of rest and celebration!

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